About Our

Inside the Amps

We build amps one at a time, without regard to the cost of the build. They are hand wired, point-to-point, with no extra circuitry whatsoever. They have one input jack, EL34 or 6L6 tubes, custom Tx-Watt-only transformers, custom Tx-Watt-only speakers, and solid pine (no laminations) custom cabinets.

Circuitry? Your guitar’s signal is either on a piece of circuitry, or it’s inside a tube.  Our amps have both American and British circuitry built in parallel, so that at each level you have the choice of mixing and matching the American/British sub circuits at will.   We also have a rotary switch providing 4 discreet gain theologies to apply to the American/British circuitry. All told, it provides 48 discreet, hand wired, point to point, straight through, circuit combinations to build “your” tone stack.

Once you’ve chosen the circuitry and gain, you then have the familiar bass, mid, treble, pre-amp, main amp, and presence controls to fine tune your sound. We don’t emulate old analog sounds , we recreate American and British style tone stacks.  With nothing to restrict the signal, we go from lows you only feel to highs you only sense. (My aggressively analog expert calls that “angel’s breath”). If you have ever played an old Vox, you’ll know what I’m talking about. (NOTE: There is one by-passable non-analog part. For those who think rectifier tubes cause the sound to “sag,” we have a solid state, by-passable, rectifier circuit.)  Any and every notion is taken into account. Whether fact, urban legend, or just plain ‘ol MOJO, we skip nothing.


Outside the Amps

Tx-Watt Amps are as serious as it gets on the inside, and as fun as it can be on the outside. You choose from over 60 different kinds of vinyl,  and/or exotic coverings like fox, mink, cow hide, and snake skin, along with just as many kinds of grill cloth, handles, and feet. The knobs all go to 11, we only use prime numbers. (OK 9 isn’t prime but it gets a pass because of the Beatles). And we don’t sell our amps without a flight case to protect it.


We don’t make 48 different models. We make one model with 48 options. The one and only mandate is sound and tone. We have 1×12 combos, 2×12 combos, and stand alone heads.  Most musicians find the 50 watt will do all they want, from bedroom volume to stage volume.

​This amp is different and unique. Since we do not restrict range in any way, you’ll find our 50 watt is not as focused or loud as some 50 watt amps. That’s due to how the 50 watts are used. It’s not a volume machine, it’s a tone machine.  The engineers and I have this discussion all the time.  “It’s not THAT you’re pushing 50 watts – it’s WHAT you’re pushing with the 50 watts.”

It’s all in the way we build them that makes the difference. Once you hear one, you’ll understand the tag line “There ain’t nothing else like it.”


NEW — We have now taken our Patent applied for Flagship Tx-watt amp and created two New models.


TUBE HYBRID GUITAR –   At only 9x7x2 inches , and weighing 4.5 pounds, This amp has the identical patent pending analog/tube Tx-Watt circuitry as the Flagship described above, but is coupled with a 100 watt audiophile quality class D amp to power the speakers. Designed to live on your pedal board, it also has 110 and 220 trannys so it’s good to go anywhere in the world. It can be used as a clean platform for pedals, as a regular warm tube amp with that analog breakup. I even have some artists using multiple tube hybrids with an A-B-Y switch with combinations of American/British, clean /dirty settings to swap between. And at only $1495 it provides a great sounding, tube/analog amp, that’s affordable, portable and ready to go anywhere in the world.


TUBE HYBRID BASS –   In bass world, there isn’t an American/British history, but there is east coast / west coast legacy.   We’ve applied our patent pending technology to that bass concept and added a 700 watt power section. So you have a bass unit with an all tube, all analog front end with 48 combinations of mix and match West Coast/East Coast tone stack bass circuitry. – and it too fits on your pedal board.