Henry Turner Jr.

Musician, vocalist, guitar player, composer, producer and promoter Henry Turner Jr., and his bandd & Flavor are an integral part of the Louisiana Music scene. They are well known for developing an intricate and syncopated style of music that is referred to as – Louisiana Blues, Soul, Funk and Reggae. As lead singer his rich baritone voice adds warmth and depth to touching and soulful ballads, as well as intense power for upbeat dance songs. Turner’s guitar techniques incorporate blues, soul and funk styles, along with jazz chording to create mesmerizing and toe-tapping melodies. As founder of Hit City Digital records the band has released twenty singles and ten CD’s. The most current are “I’m Going Down to the Mardi Gras!” and “That’s My Saints.” Their songs have also been featured in numerous compilation projects, independent feature films, commercials and top rated television shows. Henry estimates that he has written more than a hundred songs. With his quick wit and sense of humor radio stations and live audiences gravitate toward his tongue-in-cheek and double entendre lyrics, as well as the unique twists he incorporates into his love songs.  

For his company he takes the production helm, signing and producing Louisiana artists in the Hit City Digital records’ recording studio. The small, yet diverse roster focuses on local roots music that include Country, Reggae, Neo Soul, Blues and Pop. All the company’s releases are funneled through international digital distribution networks.

In 2011, Henry Turner Jr. came up with the Ultimate Louisiana Party concept to introduce mass audiences to the culture of his home state of Louisiana. On tour these events, at select stops, feature local musicians, spoken word performers, artists and artisans. They also include ‘Taste of Louisiana’ meals featuring jambalaya and red beans and rice. An instant hit with audiences they have expanded into two and three day festivals. Additional local events include the annual Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Festival, the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival and Henry Turner, Jr. Day.  Henry Turner Jr’s. Listening Room and Heritage Museum opened Baton Rouge in 2014. The purpose of the venue is to introduce, encourage and support local and regional talent, as well as provide national touring acts an intimate and inviting place to perform. Accomplishments and accolades include being named an official Music Ambassador by the Louisiana Office of Tourism, in 2014, for his performance at the 53rd Annual Lions Club Watermelon Festival in Southern California. In 2015, October 28 was proclaimed Henry Turner Jr. Day in Baton Rouge. In 2016, Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor did a month long, weekly music series for the Louisiana State Museums’ Music at the Mint program in New Orleans. October 28, 2017 was once again proclaimed Henry Turner, Jr. Day. In 2018 the Slim Harpo Music Awards honored him with an Ambassador Award and in 2019 The Lieutenant Governor’s Office named him an Honorary Louisiana Ambassador in part for writing “The Baton Rouge Theme Song.

Henry firmly believes that one of his missions is it to introduce and mentor new talent into the ever changing music industry. As a show business veteran and entrepreneur his vision is and always will be to share the love he has for his home state of Louisiana, his hometown of Baton Rouge and to introduce the cultural diversity of his world into the world in general.

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